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Title: Great people ! Great food!!  9/28/2014 6:17:43 PM
a great little place for great Chinese food!
Title: amazing  9/26/2013 9:11:43 AM
the food was absolutely amazing !!! and the delivery was fast as well i am very impressed !! definitely ordering from here again
Title: Great Service!  8/11/2014 5:16:06 PM
My food was delivered in such a short amount of time and it was delicious ! Definitely my new Chinese delivery spot.
Title: Best Chinese food in a long time  7/21/2013 3:08:30 PM
This was some of the best Chinese food I've had in a very long time. I figured since I ordered it online and had no idea if it would even show up (it did within the time frame that the website said) or if when it did show up if it would be decent. It was absolutely amazing!!! Hot, fresh and very yummy. I ordered the General Tsu's combination, a pork fried egg roll and a qt of egg drop soup. It was absolutely delicious. Since I'm from out of town and staying at a hotel with no knowledge of anything around here, I was absolutely blown away at how delicious my dinner was. I can't wait for my left overs tomorrow!!! Thank you New China for a delicious dinner. :)
Title:   7/21/2013 2:48:27 AM
Wow! The food was here within the time frame the website said it would be. (I ordered it online.) It was hot and absolutely yummy! I ordered the General Tsu's combination, a pork fried egg roll and a pint of egg drop soup. (I'll definitely be having left overs!!!) I am soooo glad I chose this restaurant to deliver my yummy dinner. It was absolutely amazing!
Title: Always good :)  7/10/2016 12:16:42 PM
Always good, never a long wait for delivery and the food is hot and fresh when it's delivered , thanks guys :)
Title: Always good :)  7/10/2016 12:14:54 PM
I order from here regularly, the food is always good( and hot) an I never had a long wait for my delivery.. I'm glad my wife found this restaraunt.. Keep up the good work guys :)
Title:   4/9/2016 4:27:59 PM
I just called to inquire the minimum amount (4/9/16 @ 7:17pm) for a delivery order. I was told it has to be at least $ when I placed my order I was told the total was $10.46. So I confirmed again to make sure that was enough for delivery and was told she didnt know yet and needed my phone
Title: always great  3/3/2015 5:39:03 PM
I just bought a home in the area so they deliver and i couldn't believe how fast we got our food and the egg rolls are on is very good:)
Title:   2018/7/17 16:56:46
Thank you for the quick service, however it was delivered with no utensils and I'm staying at a!!
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